Why train “positively”?

Positive reinforcement is the addition of a reward in response to desired behavior with the goal of increasing the desired behavior. Just like humans, dogs will act in their best interest - getting them excited to work for the behavior we want to see in them is in ours.

Training using force-free, fear-free methods creates a strong, trusting bond between you and your pet. Their behavior is in their biology. Our training is based in science. Your relationship? That’s the magic.

Training should be fun!

Like Magic Dog Training models our services off of the idea that training and working with your dog should be like a game - defining the roles you want to play, learning the rules together, and ultimately, having fun with your friend! Take a look at the services we offer and what they include.

Whether you are taking an adventure together with an experienced trainer, going solo, or want to set up some time for your dog to have their own quests, we’ve got you covered.

Character Creation: In-home training and consultation for you and your dog’s training plan.

Junior Spellcasters: A pre-generated campaign by The Family Dog designed to bring the fun to the WHOLE family

Solo Quests: Training walks and enrichment for your dog while you’re at work.

Campaigns and One Shots
Sometimes it’s good to go along with a whole party! Campaigns and One Shots are all about getting the whole gang together to learn and train with each other.

Campaigns: Group classes are held at The Coventry School for Dogs and Their People on Sundays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Check out www.thecoventryschool.com for more information.

One Shots: “Snack” Walk and other ad hoc training events are posted on the event calendar throughout the year.

Online Gaming (COMING SOON)
Playing games in person is great, but sometimes having an online community to play with is the ideal set up for your busy life!

Online Gaming options include video tracks that will allow you to teach your dog basic manners skills. You can choose the amount of access and support you want to meet your needs!

Upcoming Campaigns and One-Shots: